Importance of Quality Reins

Choosing the right split reins for your horse will help you communicate clearly, and improve his responsiveness to your cues.

Importance of Quality Reins

Communicating with your horse in an effective way is a vital component of every ride. Having the tools and equipment to work your horse properly is equally as important. Working your horse in high-quality leather split reins allows you to communicate in an effective way with your horse.

Of particular value are quality split reins boasting weight and substance when you pick them up; these heavier reins allow your horse to better feel the movements in your hands.

Benefits of Split Reins

Enhanced Communication

Split reins provide clear and direct communication between the horse and rider. The ability to independently control each rein allows for precise cues and signals, promoting better communication and responsiveness from the horse.


ProTack® split reins can be used in various riding disciplines, including barrel racing, roping, cutting, ranch work, and general riding.


ProTack® reins are cut from heavy harness leather for a substantial and amazing feel in your hands. The leather is dipped in oil, dressed with saddle butter and hand rubbed for an exceptional feel. For durable tack that’s perfect for any discipline.

Split reins with weighted ends add more weight to your movement; in turn, your horse will learn to be more responsive to your cues. Split reins also add a safety benefit for riders who want to keep dropped looped reins from ensnaring their horse’s feet.

(Choosing the Best Reins for You and Your Horse – Marys Tack & Feed)

Try These ProTack® Oiled Extra Heavy Harness Split Reins

Single ply with smooth edges, premium thickness, weighted ends, and a balanced feel, our ProTack® Oiled Extra Heavy Harness Split Reins will stand up to wet weather and frequent use for years.

A 101 guide of Assorted Rein Ends Offered in our ProTack® Collection

ProTack® Extra Heavy Harness Split Reins, Oiled Herman Oak®, Water Loops with Tie Laces

A must-try for any horseperson, ProTack® oiled harness leather products offer premium performance and unbelievable feel. The extra heavy Oiled Hermann Oak® harness leather is double stuffed for a weighty feel. It is then dipped in oil, dressed with butter and hand rubbed, imparting these products with their rich look.

ProTack® Oiled Extra Heavy Harness Split Reins, Quick Change, Leather Tabs, 5/8″ x 8′. Bit ends with leather tabs make these reins an excellent option for easy bit changes.

ProTack® Heavy Harness Quick Change Split Reins with leather tab bit ends (5/8” x 8’) are also available in durable, weather resistant Hermann Oak® russet harness leather.

Yet another attractive option for easy bit changes, ProTack® Quick Change Split Reins with scissor snaps (5/8” x 7”) are also available in beautiful sunset harness leather that looks great with dark saddles and tack.

ProTack® Oiled Extra Heavy Split Reins with Pineapple Knot Ends, 5/8″ x 8′. Handcrafted using the finest Hermann Oak® premium russet harness leather and non-rust hardware for long-lasting reliability and performance. Pineapple knots allow for easy bit changes.

For durable tack that’s perfect for work or play, ProTack® is an exceptional choice.

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