Ask a Pro: Brad Barkemeyer

Everyone in the equine world has their own secret sauce for all things horse care related. We asked our featured professional Brad Barkmeyer what his go to strategies are.

Everyone in the equine world has their own secret sauce for all things horse care related. Over the next few months we will feature a question and answer series with Brad Barkemeyer. Here’s a quick look into Brad’s experience…

Barkemeyer with his horse, Trigger

Brad Barkemeyer is a Professional Horseman focusing on western performance horses specifically Reined Cowhorses and Roping. He and wife, Mindy, along with their 2 sons operate their business, Bar B Performance Horses in Scottsdale, Arizona. Brad, his family, and clients have accomplishments in cutting, reining, cowhorse, and roping including AQHA World Champions, NRCHA National champions, and Cowhorse and American Rope Horse futurity and derby champions. Find them on Facebook or Instagram at BarkemeyerHorses, and you can learn more about their training program at

Ask a Pro Question 1: Hoof Packing

One area of the horse that professional Brad Barkemeyer refuses to overlook is his horses’ hooves. The most common issue that arises is thin soles, eventually leading to foot soreness. An easy way to treat foot soreness is with W.F. Young’s Magic Cushion and Magic Cushion Xtreme. Click here to read Brad’s recommendations on how and when to utilize hoof packing.

Question 2: Liniment and Poultice

Long training days gearing up for a horse show or putting the finishing touches on a green horse can really take a toll. If you were training for a half marathon or tried skiing for the first time, you’d be sore too, right? Helping your horse recover from these sessions is key to a long, positive relationship. We asked our professional, Brad Barkemeyer, what his methods are to alleviate soreness due to heavy workouts or show days. Get the full read here.

Question 3: Hoof Care Responsibility

 The hooves are the foundation for every horse. This can be proven true as many of us know a horse’s weight is 60% on the forehand and 40% on the hind end, distributed equally amongst the four hooves. If something goes awry with one it can cause over-distribution of weight onto the other hooves resulting in lameness — and as many professionals and farriers will tell you, if there is no hoof there is no horse. Keep reading to see why hoof care has been engrained in Brad’s routine since the age of four. 

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