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What the Hock Is and What it Does

Your horse’s hock is at once his most powerful and vulnerable joint. Do you know what it is and what it does?
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Joint Structures

Every joint has the same basic design. Learn the different structures within a horse's joint.
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Horse legs with hooves close-up. Skin of chestnut horse

Can You Pass This Joint Health Quiz?

How much do you know about joint health? Take our quiz to find out what you do know, and how you can support your horse's joints.
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Here's How You Can Manage Arthritis This Winter

Learn how you can manage arthritis this winter with these four tips.
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senior paint horse standing in snow.

Preparing for Winter? Here's How to Care For Your Arthritic Horse

As winter approaches, are you prepared to care for your arthritic horse? Here are three tips to help your senior horse's joints.
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Reining Horse Spin

7 Ways to Protect Your Horse's Joints

It's joint and hoof health awareness month, and we're showing you the different ways you can protect your horse's joints.
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Rider is crossing a river on a trail with a sorrel horse.

Why Hoof Health Matters on the Trail

Learn the importance of hoof health for trail riding and how you can set your horse up for success before you head out to ride.
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Joint Care Tips with Andrea Fappani

Learn from NRHA $7 Million Rider Andrea Fappani about caring for your horse's joints at home no matter what discipline you're riding.
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Trivia Challenge: Equine Joint Care

Answer the questions, then check at the bottom for the key. For more great information about horses, read H&R’s ‘The Ride’ newsletter. (Not getting it? Sign up below—it’s free!)
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Joint Supplement Break Down

Thinking of putting your horse on a joint supplement but don't know where to start? Before you begin investing in different supplements, explore this guide that breaks down common joint care supplement ingredients so you know which one your horse needs.
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Joint Care to Preserve Your Horse’s Legs

Preventive joint care can help preserve the function of your horse’s legs regardless of the type of riding you do.
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Horse Joint Supplements Guide

Confused by all the formulas out there? Here are the most common ingredients in joint nutraceuticals, what they do and the recommended levels.
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