AHP Award Winners

Horse&Rider took home four awards from the 2012 AHP Annual Awards Contest.

At the 2012 American Horse Publications Annual Awards Contest, Horse&Rider was fortunate enough to take home some top prizes. Managing editor Jennifer Paulson was on hand at the “Ride Into History Seminar” to accept the awards on the magazine’s behalf.

Here are the winners with the comments from the panel of judges.

1st Place – Instructional Single Article Circulation 20,000 and Over
“Stop Like A Pro”
December 2011
By Mike Boyle, with Jennifer Forsberg Meyer
Perfect headline for a how-to article-who wouldn’t want to stop like a pro? Article gets right to the point and follows through with step by step instructions. Excellent use of photos. Two thumbs up.

1st Place – Horse Care Single Article Circulation 20,000 and Over
“Vaccine Wars: The Great Debate”
By Barb Crabbe, DVM
February 2011
What a great, no-frills, down to earth explanation of the pros and cons of vaccination. Author provides a clear organizational pathway for the article and explains it in a conversational, straight-forward way.

1st Place – Service to the Reader Single Article Circulation 20,000 and Over
“When It’s Time to Say Goodbye”
By Barb Crabbe, DVM
September 2011
A moving and honest walkthrough of the process of saying goodbye to a horse you love. Article was well-balanced with emotion and practicality. Tips on preserving memorabilia are a nice touch.

1st Place – Editorial Opinion Single Column
“POV Blindness”
By Jennifer Forsberg Meyer
August 2011
The winning entry tops a very competitive field by giving both sides of the issue and doing so in a way that makes her point of view even stronger without diminishing concerns from the other side. Her reasoning is logical, her writing impeccable and persuasive enough to make most readers think twice about whether they are POV blind themselves.

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