Biting Flies = Lost Shoe?

The Added Benefits of Fly Protection for your Horse’s Legs

Credit: Cashel

Lost shoes are no laughing matter. They require time-off from the riding schedule and a call to the farrier. They can result in lameness and injury, not to mention the additional cost of re-shoeing. They can be caused by a number of situations, from running through a muddy pasture to overstepping.

But one cause you may not have considered is leg-biting flies. As the horse stomps and paws to remove the flies from his legs, he can gradually loosen his shoes. It’s only a matter of time before he looses one. 

Cashel offers a solution in the form of leg guards. Not only do they help prevent the flies from landing and biting your horse’s legs, they’re ingeniously devised. The design inhibits sagging and shifting, as well as eliminates burr and grass seed collection.

Cashel Leg Guards come in a variety of colors to suit your style and feature hook-and-loop closures to provide an adjustable fit.

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