Can Your Horse Earn You a Living?

In Horse & Rider's August '09 article, 'Share the Life,' we introduced you to four families who make their livings by sharing their horse lifestyles with others. Here are links to each family's website (plus, some facts about their businesses). We'll also revisit an article from our May '07 issue, 'Horse-Based Home Biz,' for those of you intrigued by the make-money-with-your-horses aspect, but who want to start on a smaller scale.

| Photo courtesy of Cindy Flood of Lake Lodge Bed and Barn

Wish you could earn a living by inviting folks into your horse world for a visit? Come meet four families who are doing just that.

By H&R Senior Editor Jennifer Forsberg Meyer

Cowboy Boot Camp by the Sea
The fam: Jim Moore and Lori Barnett of Rolling Hills Estates, Calif.
Locale: Just west of Long Beach in Southern California.; 310-377-8834.
Cool website feature: Cowboy trivia page. (Do you know the original purpose of fringe on cow-poke apparel?) Click on “Tid Bits.”

Willow Springs Guest Ranch
The fam: Keith and Patty Barnhart of Lakeview, Ore.
Locale:Southern Oregon, east of Klamath Falls.; 541-947-5499.
Cool website feature: Information on Patty’s terrific cookbook, Songs of the Sagebrush: Recipes, Rhymes and Reminiscences From Willow Springs Guest Ranch. Click on “News,” and scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Blue Sky Sage Horseback Adventures
The fam: Mike and Bobbi Wade of Piney, Wyo.
Locale: Home base in foothills of Wind Rivers Mountain Range, about 90 miles southeast of Jackson Hole, Wyo.; 307-260-7990.
Cool website feature: Mini-profiles and photos of all the horses in the remuda. Click on “About Us,” and scroll down to “Meet the Horses.”

Lake Lodge Bed and Barn
The fam: Gary and Cindy Flood and their daughter, Brooke, of Long Beach, Wash.
Locale: Loomis Lake near the mouth of the Columbia River on the Pacific Coast in southwestern Washington.; 800-215-9139.
Cool website feature: A panning, you-are-there view of the entire facility. Click on “Take a Virtual Tour.”

Be your own boss and run your horse-related business from home!

Love the idea of making money off your horse life, but want to get started on a smaller scale than the businesses in our August ’09 article, “Share The Life?” In our May ’07 issue, Editor and Associate Publisher Juli Thorson provides inspiration and advice from four horse lovers who’ve figured out how to turn their good ideas into profits. Click here to read the article.

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