Gallop Poll: Horse-Blanketing Strategy?

With this survey, we want to know which types of horse blankets, if any, you typically use during cold weather. Please take the poll below, then check the survey’s results in the October 2017 issue of Horse&Rider.

Many horse owners use blankets to keep their horses warm in cold weather. Some use mostly stable blankets on horses kept inside. Others use mostly turnout blankets on horses that also go outside. Some use both types of blankets at different times.

What types of blankets do you use on your horse, if any? H&R photo by Jennifer Paulson

We’d like to know: What’s your blanketing strategy?

Please answer the poll question below, then check the results of the survey in the “Saddle Chat” section of our October 2017 issue to see how other readers approach blanketing.

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