Gloves for Riding and Barn Work

Save your hands from a barn beating with a pair of gloves perfect for work in and out of the saddle.

Model:Ride ’N Ranch gloves.
Maker: SSG Riding Gloves.
Why buy: Premium goat-skin palms and fingertips provide strength and protection where your hands need it most.
Cool feature: The broad size run, from XXS to XXL, ensures that you’ll find the perfectly fitted glove.
More info: Visit to find a retailer.
Price: $29.95

Model: Deerskin Trail gloves.
Maker: Heritage Gloves.
Why buy: Durable, soft North American deerskin is rugged enough to be used for work but soft enough for a good feel on the reins.
Cool feature: Soft, mesh cotton improves ventilation to keep your hands cool and comfortable.
More info: (800) 939-3101;
Price: $39.95

Model: Outrider gloves.
Maker: Noble Outfitters.
Why buy: The touch-screen-friendly fingertips mean you won’t have to waste time taking them off to use your mobile device.
Cool feature: If the pop of orchid isn’t your style, choose the yellow accents for a more standard look.
More info: (209) 566-7800;
Price: $22.99

Model: Therapeutic Riding Gloves.
Maker: Back on Track.
Why buy: The gloves’ unique fabric radiates your own body warmth to relieve pain and inflammation.
Cool feature: The fabric, called Welltex, is infused with ceramic powder to create infrared thermal warmth.
More info: (888) 758-9836;
Price: $69.00

When choosing gloves for riding or work, be sure to check these points to get the perfect pair for your needs.

Finger feel.If you’ll ride in the gloves, be sure that you can get a good handle on your reins and have a good feel for the reins with the gloves on. This is pretty easy to check when trying on a pair at the feed or tack store.

Wrist fit.If you have petite or larger wrists, look for hook-and-loop closures that can adjust to your wrist size. This will ensure that hay doesn’t get inside the gloves when tossing bales, and that your gloves stay in place when you’re riding.

Device-friendly. If you regularly use your mobile device in the barn, look for a pair that’s touch-screen friendly to save the frustration of putting gloves on and removing them over and over.

Watch for rubs. Bulky seams, especially those inside the gloves, can cause rubbing and irritation that’d rival the wear and tear your hands would experience without gloves. Pay close attention to how seams lie on your hands.

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