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Help Your Horse Overcome Cold-Weather Challenges

Don't let winter weather keep you from enjoying time in the saddle. Here we talk about six potential cold-weather challenges you might face as a horse owner, and how you can keep them from happening.
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Dressage4Kids promo image


Dressage4Kids holds its 11th annual weekend educational program.
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4 Winter-Feeding Tips

If you live in a cold area of the country, take the following steps to ensure your horse’s nutritional requirements are met during winter months.
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What's Your Horse Thinking? promo image

What's Your Horse Thinking?

Animal scientist Temple Grandin, PhD, offers insights into your horse's thoughts and feelings and how they affect his behavior.
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Fitness Secrets of the Stars promo image

Fitness Secrets of the Stars

Here's what some top equestrians say about why they work out--and why they think you should, as well.
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2012 Articles Index promo image

2012 Articles Index

Find your favorite 2012 articles here!
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Fix a Showmanship Nipper promo image

Fix a Showmanship Nipper

Sara Simons offers step-by-step instructions to keep this reader's horse from nibbling on her during showmanship classes.
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More Tips for Your First Show promo image

More Tips for Your First Show

We heard so much great first-show advice that we couldn't fit it all in one article. Read more tips from Facebook fans and trainers.
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The Half-Lease Contract promo image

The Half-Lease Contract

A half lease can be a great way to save money on your horse expenses, but do you know the ins and outs of drawing up the contract?and the pitfalls of doing so on your own?
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