Rest Assured Your Round Pen is Safe

When it comes to training or exercise, round pens are a valuable tool. They can provide a controlled environment for working with horses, allowing for training, longeing, and building a bond between you and your horse. But make sure you prioritize safety when using a round pen. A solid training session can quickly turn sour in an unsafe environment. Check out these simple tips to keep this space a safe and productive place for your horse.

Round pens are useful tools when utilized safely. Ccestep8/

9 Easy Steps to Ensuring Round Pen Safety

  1. Inspect the integrity: Regularly check the integrity of the round pen walls or panels. Make sure there are no loose or broken parts that could pose a risk to your horse.
  2. Secure fencing: Ensure that the fencing material used is sturdy and free from sharp edges. Check for protruding nails that could potentially harm your horse.
  3. Proper footing: Maintain the footing of the round pen by regularly leveling and removing any rocks, holes, or uneven surfaces that could cause tripping or injuries.
  4. Consider using safe fencing options: Panels with rounded edges or smooth materials can reduce the risk of injury if your horse comes into contact with them. Wood round pens are a great option as long as you maintain the wood and check often for cracks and rotting wood.
  5. Avoid obstacles: Remove any unnecessary objects or obstacles from the round pen area to minimize the chances of your horse colliding with them during training or exercise sessions.
  6. Place hardware on the outside: If using hardware such as hinges or latches, make sure they are positioned on the outside of the fence. This helps prevent your horse from getting caught on them.
  7. Adequate size: Ensure your round pen is appropriately sized for your horse. It should allow enough space for movement and turning without feeling confined.
  8. Stay alert: This space can be a great space to turn your horse out to roll, or play. However, if you’re in the middle of a training session, doing groundwork, or riding, stay alert and aware. In a small space like a round pen, dangerous situations can arise quickly. Expect solid manners from your horse. Understand that a young or green horse might feel confined and anxious in a small space.
  9. Regular maintenance: Regularly inspect and maintain the pen to address any potential safety hazards promptly.

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