Lessons Learned from Building Fences

Horses teach us lessons everyday, often in a way that humbles us. What lessons can we learn from accomplishing a task like building a fence?

This article is part of our Fencing Awareness Month brought to you by Bekaert.

If you grew up around horses, you probably had some lessons instilled in you from an early age. Don’t climb on the gate, double check your cinch, and feed your horse first. If you started in the horse world later in life, these lessons are just as relevant.


Just like any other project that you take on for the benefit of your horse, building a new fence is something you want to do with pride and hard work. It’s a venture that demands more than mere physical effort; it calls for foresight, precision, and a deep understanding of both horses and their environment. Perhaps the lessons drawn from fence building extend far beyond the confines of the corral. What lessons can we learn from the humble process of building a fence?

The Value of Patient Planning

Much like crafting a masterpiece, constructing a fence begins with a blueprint. This process emphasizes the significance of patient planning, where every measurement and material selection has its place. This serves as a reminder to us that a solid foundation is the cornerstone of any endeavor.

Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork

Fence building is easier with many pairs of hand each contributing to the harmonious construction. This collaboration mirrors the essence of horsemanship, where horse and rider must move as one. The lesson? The power of unified effort is unstoppable.

Adapt and Overcome

In the field of fence building, unexpected obstacles are par for the course. A rock beneath the soil, an unforeseen incline—these challenges call for creative solutions. Such as life with horses. We are often faced with challenges we weren’t expecting, and must adapt and overcome.

Safety is a Non-Negotiable

Safety around horses is non-negotiable, and this goes for any project you take on that involves tools, equipment, and building. The first time you smash a hammer into your thumb trying to hit a fence staple, you’ll remember this important lesson.

The Legacy of Craftsmanship

A well-built fence stands as a testament to craftsmanship—a legacy that endures. This mirrors the pride and fulfillment that come from mastering the art of horsemanship. It urges us to take pride in our work, no matter how small the task.

A well-built fence stands as a testament to craftsmanship—a legacy that endures. Carrie/adobe.stock.com

A Vision of Longevity

A fence is a testament to longevity, designed to withstand the test of time. This imparts the value of thinking beyond the moment, of considering the enduring impact of our decisions on both horse and environment. We owe it to these wonderful four-legged creatures to give them the environment they deserve. To take the time to build their skills at their own pace. And to plan for their health longevity by being aware of their unique needs and concerns.

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