Tack-Room Organizers

Tidy-up your tack situation with organizers that accommodate your riding gear.

Model: Western stackable saddle rack.
Maker: SmartPak.
Why buy: Organize your saddles to save space in the tack room; the rack supports up to four saddles at once.
Cool feature: The movable arms allow you to adjust height and space so you can remove each saddle easily.
More info: (888) 339-9695; smartpakequine.com.
Price: $159.95

Model: Space-saver horse tack-room organizer.
Maker: NRS World.
Why buy: The heavy-duty piece includes four saddle racks, four bridle hooks, and a 10-arm saddle-pad rack.
Cool feature: The swivel arms mean you can adjust the organizer to accommodate varied tack-room or trailer sizes.
More info: (800) 467-6746; nrsworld.com.
Price: $599.99

Model: 11-hook utility rack.
Maker: Equi-Racks.
Why buy: The utility rack can be hung anywhere in your barn, from the tack room to the aisleway, to organize your bridles, halters, blankets, or leg protection.
Cool feature: The closely spaced hooks make the rack a multi-purpose item that’ll organize tack or barn tools.
More info: (605) 347-5073; equiracks.com.
Price: $29.99

Model: Horse-show tack-stall kit.
Maker: The Organized Barn and Trailer.
Why buy: The kit includes separate, moveable racks for each piece of tack and adjustable hooks and baskets.
Cool feature: Hang 15-inch utility hooks over a stall door at home or at the show, or attach the rack to a tack-room wall.
More info: (888) 298-8628; organizedbarn.com.
Price: $95.15

Spare shelves, bins, nails, hooks, and even garbage cans that sit unused in your garage or storage shed can often be repurposed as barn organizers. Learn how with these tips, and put your clutter to work.

Dirty-duty tools. Garage-tool organizers (or even closely spaced nails) will allow you to hang and separate your picks, shovels, and brooms, eliminating hazardous clutter while keeping your tools in one place. Tall bins and garbage cans serve the same purpose, but without the convenience of separation.

Brushes and such. Purchase a pre-fabricated brush organizer that can be hung on your tack-room door or against the wall, or better yet, pick up a hanging shoe organizer that’ll serve the same purpose. Totes, baskets, and bins also work as carryalls for your brushes, though don’t keep them as orderly.

Supplement storage. Get bags of feed, liquid minerals, and buckets off the floor where they use space and are easily accessible to scavengers. Store and prep your horse’s feed on a spare table, shelf, or desk; empty bagged feed into stackable plastic bins as an additional space saver.

Handle your hoses. A coiled hose is a happy hose. Store wrapped hoses on wall hooks, in trashcans, or bins to keep them kink-free and out from beneath your—and your horses’—feet.

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