Tip of the Week: Maintain Your Pastures

Keep your pastures in tip-top shape with these 3 easy pasture maintenance tips.

As the weather gets warmer and the grass gets greener you’re going to want to turn your horse out as much as possible. But wait! Before you let them out all day every day, consider what that will do to your pastures.

Horses graze in a healthy grass pasture.
Photo Credit: stock.adobe.com/rabbitti

Use these tips to keep your pasture in tip-top shape all year long:

  • Renovate with reseeding. Make sure you buy the right forage species for your specific area and site conditions. To ensure quality, purchase seed from a reputable dealer and choose seed mixtures formulated for horse pastures.
  • Rest your pastures. Constant grazing will reduce growth and eventually kill the grass in your pasture. If you can, rotate between two pastures and let one rest when the other is in use. Turn horses out when the grass in one pasture is six to eight inches tall and let them graze it down to three or four inches. Then, switch to the second pasture after it has had time to rest and grow.
  • Reduce Weeds. If weeds are a continuous problem in your pasture, they will start to harm your grass. Consider using a safe herbicide when needed. A good time to use a product like this is when one of your pastures is resting.