Tip of the Week: Sneak in Some Electrolytes

Horses need some extra electrolytes in the summer to keep up with the amount they're sweating. Check out this tip on adding some tasty electrolytes to your horses routine, without them even knowing!

After a long ride out in the summer heat, you’re most likely going to grab a Gatorade to refuel, but what about your horse? We all know about the apple-flavored electrolyte paste that you can give your horse, but there’s another way you can boost his electrolytes while giving him a cold and tasty treat. He’ll most likely be nickering every time you bring out the bottle rather than trying to hide in the corner of the stall. 

Tip: Try adding a few scoops of Gatorade powder to his water bucket or even dump a cold bottle into the bucket. If your horse has extra personality, he might just drink it right out of the bottle! 

For more on summer horse care: Protect Your Horse’s Health this Summer

Try putting a few scoops of Gatorade Powder in your horse’s water bucket for a refreshing treat. Photo courtesy of Amazon.com.

This isn’t meant to be a replacement for medical care and you should consult your vet on when to give your horse a full dose of electrolytes. But, this is a quick refresher that you can use to reward your horse after a good ride! 

[For more electrolyte options: Best Horse Electrolyte Supplements]

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