2009 Horse Breed Shows and Events

A list of key breed shows and events where you can see 14 major equine breeds, including Arabians, Buckskins, Haflingers and Quarter Horses in 2009.

In the June ’09 Horse & Rider article, “I Chose My Breed Because.” we highlighted 14 favorite breeds of horse owners around the country. Here’s a list of key events (including locales and dates) for those 14 top picks, favored by H&R readers.


The National Appaloosa Show and World Championship Appaloosa Youth Show, June 22 to July 4 in Jackson, Miss.; the World Championship Appaloosa Show, October 23 to 31 in Fort Worth, Texas; appaloosa.com.


The Arabian Horse Association’s Discover Farm program; U.S. Nationals, October 23 to 31 in Tulsa, Okla.; other national-level shows; arabianhorses.org.


The International Buckskin Horse Association World Championship Show, August 1 to 8 in Memphis, Tenn., ibha.net; the American Buckskin Registry Association World Championship Show, July 29 to August 2, Tulsa, Okla., americanbuckskin.org.


The International Friesian Show Horse Association Grand National Show, October 28 to November 1, Lake St. Louis, Mo., friesianshowhorse.com; the Friesian Horse Association of North America’s 25th Anniversary Show in Reno, Nev., October 8 to 11, fhana.com.


The American Haflinger Registry holds two events each year in Ashland, Ohio–one in the spring and another in the fall; and a national show, September 10 to 12, Springfield, Ohio; haflingerhorse.com.

Missouri Fox Trotter

The Missouri Fox Trotting Horse Breeders Association Fall Show and Celebration, September 6 to 12, Ava, Mo.; mfthba.com.


The Grand National and World Championship Morgan Horse Show, October 10 to 17, Oklahoma City; morganhorse.com.


BLM adoption days in various states, wildhorseandburro.blm.gov; search online for information about Choctaw Mustangs, Spanish Mustangs, and Horse of the Americas.

Paint Horse

The American Paint Horse Association Summer World Show, June 24 to July 4, Fort Worth, Texas; and the Fall World Show, also in Fort Worth, November 5 to 14; apha.com.


The Palomino Horse Breeders Association World Show in Tulsa, Okla., July 19 to 25; palominohba.com.


The North American Peruvian Horse Association National Championship Show, Fort Worth, Texas, October 8 to 11; napha.net.


The Pinto World Championships, June 9 to 20, Tulsa, Okla.; pinto.org.

Pony of the Americas

The Pony of the Americas Club International Show, July 19 to 26, Lake St. Louis, Mo.; poac.org.

Quarter Horse

The World Championship Quarter Horse Show, November 6 to 21, Oklahoma City; separate world shows for youths and amateurs 50 and over; multiple Regional Experience events; aqha.com.

Tennessee Walking Horse

The Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration, August 26 to September 5, Shelbyville, Tenn.; twhbea.com.

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