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Boulder, Co. —Horse&Rider OnDemand, your trusted source for Western horse-training videos, is excited to expand its video line to include all-around events. In this video series featuring husband-and-wife team Will and Elizabeth Knabenshue, we cover the basics of trail and how to set up your poles at home, and then go over a couple of different drills you can do to teach your horse the fundamentals of trail when you don’t have access to an entire trail course. They also cover the basic elements you’ll see in a trail class before moving on to a few horsemanship drills they do to help their non-pro riders be successful in the show pen.

“I was so thrilled when Will and Elizabeth agreed to join the Horse&Rider OnDemand platform,” Horse&Rider OnDemand video producer, Nichole Chirico, exclaimed. “I’ve looked up to them as professionals for years and really love the way they work with non-pro riders and horses. I knew that they would be a great addition to our video platform and were the perfect trainers to help introduce events like trail and horsemanship to our video subscribers.”

For just $14.99 a month, members can look forward to weekly video releases from the industry’s top Western professionals in several disciplines.

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