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Best Single Reins

Since there are about as many types of reins as there are horses, we’ve narrowed down the choices. Here, you can find reviews on leather, poly, and cotton reins. Between finding the feel you prefer and a price point to match, this article is your go-to source for single rein shopping.
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Best Braided Leather Rein

Martin Saddlery 5 Plaited Roping Reins

Plaited Leather Roping Rein. These quality leather reins feature latigo leather split into five plaits to provide excellent grip and durability, as well as a pliable feel.

What We Liked:

Measuring 7.5 feet long and ¾ inch wide, this five-plaited roping rein feels good in the hand, whether schooling on a young horse or leaving the box on your go-to mount. Stainless steel hardware makes rein-swaps a breeze, and, as for looks, this rein has classic appeal. Get yours here

Best Cotton Rein

Tough-1 Pro Cotton Roping Rein Royal Blue

Royal Blue Cotton Roping Rein. A leather-free tack option featuring natural cotton woven in a soft, flat braid.

What We Liked:

At 7 feet long, this rein weighs a touch less than its braided leather counterpart, and the cotton provides a soft feel while the flat braid provides plenty of substance in your hand. Swap out the reins with ease thanks to scissor snap buckles at each end. Buy them here. 

Authentic Cowboy Rein

NRS Tack Oiled Rattlesnake Roping Reins 

All-Leather Cowboy Rein. Channel your inner Old West cowboy with these all-leather rattlesnake-knotted reins.

What We Liked:

This is a no-frills, stick-to-the-basics, don’t-recreate-the-wheel rein that fills your hand with 8 feet of 5/8-inch smooth, flat leather. Try the tried-and-trusted cowboy engineering of the rattlesnake knot for a setup you can rely on regardless of the horse you’re riding. Available here. 

Best Poly Rein

Weaver Leather Poly Roper Rein

 Completely Customizable Rein. Available in myriad color combinations and sizes, this round rein is as customizable as they come.

What We Liked:

With more than a dozen color combinations available in two different sizes (3/8 in. x 8 ft. or 5/8 in. x 8 ft.), a rider can customize their gear to the look and feel of their liking. Depending on the color and size, some options cost only around $10, which is a lot of bang for your buck in the equestrian world. Hooks on each end of the reins allow for easy detachment, meaning this rein can double as your lead rope, too. Buy it now.