Best Fly Masks

When is a fly mask more than a fly mask? When it also boasts built-in coverage for the ears or nose, protection against sunburn, and more. The array of styles and colors can be mind-boggling. However, you should always look for a fine, see-through mesh, good eye clearance and features that minimize rubbing. Here’s a roundup of some noteworthy fly masks.

Best Mask for a Cause

Cashel Breast Cancer Fly Mask 

Fundraising Fly-Buster. A percentage of the proceeds from the sale of this well-made fly mask benefit breast cancer research.

What We Liked: 

Don’t let this mask’s no-frills look fool you. Cashel is well known for quality products, and this style is top-rated for comfort and fit. Plus, the pink-trimmed micromesh has UV blocking properties—think of it as sunglasses and a sunhat for your horse! Our favorite feature? The split top that helps prevent a rubbed forelock. Buy it here. 

Comfortable Coverage

Harrison Howard CareMaster Fly Mask Full Face No Ears 

No Burned Noses. Besides keeping flies from your horse’s eyes, this padded mask guards his nose from harsh sun.

What We Liked: 

Because its air-streaming mesh extends UV protection over the nose, the CareMaster mask is great for horses with white noses that can burn easily in the sun. We’re also fans of the touch-close fit feature, although if the mask does manage to come off, its light color makes it easy to find. Lastly, the fleece padding is a thoughtful addition for horses who spend long periods in their masks. Get yours here. 

Most Innovative

Shires Fine Mesh Horse Equine Fly Mask 

Fringe Benefits. This unique mask combines two traditional designs to maximize the advantages of both.

What We Liked: 

Fly fringe, which moves with the horse, is one time-tested way to keep flies out of equine eyes. The soft fringe on the nose of this durable, comfortable mask is a clever way to keep pests off the muzzle without adding a lot of weight or heat. Because of the fringe, this fly mask is also easy to pick out in a hectic barn and less likely to end up on another horse!Get one here. 

Best Eye Protection

Horseware Rambo Plus Fly Mask 

Roomy and Versatile. Eye protection comes first in this cutting-edge fly mask, but ears and noses will benefit, too.

What We Liked: 

Known for its innovations in equine wear, Horseware has created a style of mask that not only guards against flies and UV rays, but offers a flexible, built-in band that safely holds the mesh material up and away from the eyes. No more eye irritation from collapsed. Buy it here.