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Best Horse Blankets

The decision to buy a blanket is relatively easy, but shopping for and selecting the best blanket for your horse’s needs can be a different story. At risk is your budget—buying the wrong blanket can be an expensive mistake. Make sure you select the best blanket for your horse’s needs, the climate and your budget. Here are our top picks for horse blankets.

Most Lightweight

TGW RIDING 1200Denier Waterproof and Breathable Horse Sheet Horse Blanket Standard Neck Turnout Sheet

Great Blanket for Rainy Weather. A lightweight, waterproof sheet for cool, rainy weather.

What We Liked:

The 1200 denier material with zero grams of fill allows your horse to be comfortable and protected from rain during cooler temperatures. The contoured design allows for a better fit and fleece wither protection will help protect your horse’s mane and neck from rubbing. Buy it now.

Most Colorful

Tough 1 Timber 1200D Waterproof Poly Snuggit Turnout Blanket

 Fun Colors for Your Horse. Express yourself with a fun, unique blanket for your horse.

What We Liked: 

Tough 1 is a house-hold name in the horse industry and a brand we trust. With fun colors like orange and pink, you can select the color that fits your horse’s personality. This 1200 denier, 250-gram fill blanket has all of the features you need in a sheet; leg straps, adjustable straps, waterproof, double buckle front with snap closures, and is breathable. Buy it now.


SteedBox Horse Winter Turnout Blanket 1200D Rip Stop | 210 Nylon Lining and 250g Fill with Carry Bag

Great Blanket for Temperatures 20-40 F. Keep your horse warm with the special THERMA layer.

What We Liked:

Not only is this 1200 denier blanket warm with the THERMA layer and the 250-gram fill, but the material is waterproof, moisture wicking, and breathable. The triple strap belly band fits snug against your horse and the front adjustable double snap with Velcro ensures a secure fit. The most unique part of this blanket is the owner’s identity patch that’s sewn into the blanket for horse and owner identification. Buy it now. 


Challenger Horsewear Horse Sheet Polar Fleece Cooler Blanket Yellow 4353

 Perfect for Adding Extra Warmth. Add extra warmth or use this as a cooler after a long ride.

What We Liked:

This 66-inch fleece cooler helps wick away moisture from your horse after a sweaty ride in cool temperatures. You can also use this cooler as an extra layer under another blanket to provide additional insulation, while still using the moisture wicking properties. The adjustable straps help this blanket stay in place when compared to other blanket coolers. Buy it now.