Best Horse Electrolyte Supplements

Hard work, hot weather, and high stress. These are the three situations that might warrant giving a horse an electrolyte supplement. Look for products containing readily absorbable chloride and/or acetate combos, and steer clear of those with a lot of sugar or corn syrup. Bicarbonate is another no-no.
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Best Overall

Farnam Apple Elite Electrolyte

Easy to Feed. Add this electrolyte blend to feed or water to keep your horse hydrated, healthy, and happy.

What We Liked: 

This affordable electrolyte supplement is from a company we trust, and most horses readily take to the granular form and the apple flavoring. It’s great to keep on hand for those hot, humid weekends during event season, or those winter days when horses won’t drink. We like to add it to dampened feed. Buy Now.

Best Performance Choice

Kentucky Performance Products Summer Games Electrolyte Horse Supplement

Don’t Sweat It. This powdered formula is concentrated, with both electrolytes and trace minerals in the same amounts as equine perspiration.

What We Liked: 

The idea behind a good electrolyte supplement is to put back into the body what it has lost (or stands to lose) with excessive sweating. So we can’t say enough about this formulation, which is the result of research into the actual composition of horses’ sweat. If it’s good enough for top equine athletes competing in the Summer Olympic Games, we feel good about recommending it. Plus, the powder formula makes it easy to adjust doses. Available On Amazon. 

Budget Friendly

Horse Health Apple-Dex

Great Bulk Buy. At this size, you’ll always have enough electrolyte supplement when you need it.

What We Liked: 

If you’ve got a barn full of competition horses with summer coming on, purchasing electrolytes in 30-pound containers just makes good sense. This one hits all the marks (including flavor) and is especially good for horses who are reluctant to drink enough water in any season. Plus, who doesn’t love the reusable pail? Purchase Now.

Easy To Use

Vita Flex AccuLytes Paste

Handy Helper. When you need to replenish electrolytes on the spot, this paste does the trick.

What We Liked: 

A paste electrolyte is useful and quick when dosing a horse prior to shipping, after a strenuous event, or on any number of other occasions. This one was formulated by an equine nutritionist and has what it takes to get your horse back up to speed—and it tastes good, too. Be sure to keep a few tubes in your barn and your van. Get Yours Today.