Best Horse Troughs

Keeping your horse hydrated will help keep him healthy. Offering fresh, clean water options will encourage him to drink and take in an adequate amount of water. Watering from a water trough—rather than from a natural water source—will also allow you to see how much water your horse is actually drinking.

Best for Pasture Use 

Rubbermaid Commercial Products FG424500BLA Stock Tank, Structural Foam, 150 gal, Black

Large Trough for Multiple Horses. Easy-to-use trough that is large enough to provide water to a herd of horses.

What We Liked: 

This 150-gallon trough (also available in other sizes) is large and durable enough for pasture use. The weather-resistant material allows it to withstand years of use in all conditions. With an oversized drain plug, this trough is easy to drain and clean so you can be sure that your horses have fresh, clean water. Get yours here.

Most Eco-Friendly 

Tuff Stuff Products KMT18 Oval Tank, 18-Gallon

Top-Notch Trough Made of Recycled Plastic. Keep your barn eco-friendly with this trough made from recycled plastic.

What We Liked: 

Made of recycled LDPE plastic, this trough has a rubber feel that makes it flexible and durable. This 18-gallon tank is suitable for both feed and water use—small enough to easily dump water out for cleaning yet large enough to put hay in to prevent your horse from eating off of the ground. Get one here. 

Most Convenient

Little Giant Automatic Animal Waterer (Red) Float Controlled Automatic Waterer for Livestock (4 Gal) (Item No. FW16RED)

Automatic Water Trough for Convenient Watering. Have peace of mind that your horse will have water available to him at all times.

What We Liked: 

Easy-to-mount on a wall or fence, this 4-gallon automatic waterer is great for barn or pasture use. Since this trough is float controlled, you don’t have to worry about water running over and it will automatically refill based on the water level. Having the automatic-refill system also means that your horse will have cold, fresh water 24/7. Get one here.