Cow Horse Drill

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Introduction to Fence Work: Working Imaginary Cow

Working an imaginary cow can be very beneficial when first starting to go down the fence.
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Introduction to Fence Work: Boxing the Long Wall

Brad Barkemeyer works with a non pro to introduce her to fence work.
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Teaching Your Horse to Follow Cow

Brad explains how to teach your horse how to follow the cow to continue his cow horse education.
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Developing Responsibility on the Cow

Brad Barkemeyer tells you the importance of teaching your horse to have responsibility on the cow.
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Circling a Cow During At-Home Training

Brad Barkemeyer explains why you should Include circling practice into your at-home training routine with cattle.
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Training on a Cow at Home

Brad Barkemeyer goes over the basics of schooling a horse on a cow at home and how it differs from preparing to show.
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Starting a Young Horse on a Cow

Learn how to start a young horse on live cattle, one step at a time.
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Reinforcing Leg Cues

Winston Hansma explains the importance of leg cues when working a live cow.
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Horse&Rider OnDemand's 12 Days of Christmas

Today kicks off day ONE of the 12 Days of Horse&Rider OnDemand.
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