Make Your Own Desensitizing Tool

Learn how to desensitize a yearling and make your own desensitizing tool with items you probably already have in the barn.
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Use a desensitizing tool on your horse.

Tip of the Week: Make Your Own Desensitizing Tool

Make your own desensitizing tool to help your horse get used to foreign objects brushing over his back, legs, and head with objects everyone has laying around the barn.
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Having a Horse Go Over a Tarp

Learn how to introduce a nervous horse to a tarp to help desensitize him for obstacles he'll come across on a trail.
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Cattle Training to Desensitize Any Horse to Cows

This basic cattle training, which introduces and desensitizes your horse to cows, is as important for trail mounts as it is for future cattle-event competitors.
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The ‘Beehive’

Looking for a new event for the entire family? Consider mounted shooting. With its fast pace and levels of competition, it’s an event you can enjoy together.
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'Bombproof' the Mounted Patrol Way

As a trail-horse owner, this article can help you recognize the benefits of mounted police desensitization training and incorporate elements into your own training program. We'll give you ground rules, training basics, and a step-by-step technique.
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Training a Spooky Horse

Good spooks, bad spooks, fake spooks—here's spooky horse training techniques for a more enjoyable ride down the trail.
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