Establishing Leadership With Your Horse

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Leading Your Horse Properly

Natural horsemanship instructor Monique Potts explains how to lead your horse.
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Best Leads

What is there to a lead shank—you just attach it to a horse’s halter and go, right? Well, not quite; there’s actually a lot more to consider when purchasing this essential tool. For example, is it for everyday or competition use? Might you need a chain attachment for better control? Other factors you might think about: what length works best for your purposes, the materials from which it is crafted—even the way it feels in your hand. Here are a few that caught our eye.
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Inspired Rider: Leadership, Purpose, and Partnership

Not long ago, I didn’t feel like an inspired rider. I felt I’d hit a wall in my 5-year-old gelding’s training progression. He’s always been a pretty solid soldier. I’ve asked him to go for long days, rope big steers, and put up with all-day horse shows and trips to cow works two states away.
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Establish Leadership With Your Horse: Take Control and Move!

Don’t work to keep an even keel. Instead, get active while riding, establish leadership with your horse, and feel your confidence blossom.
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