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Cow Horse Bit Progression: Hackamore

See the next step in bit progression for cow horses in this week’s video.
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Gimmick! Or Good Gear?

Should you use certain tack items with your horse or not? Get professional input on seven commonly used pieces of horse equipment.
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Hackamore Talk

Brad Barkemeyer explains the importance of using a hackamore and when you might use one on your horse.
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Riding With a Hackamore

The hackamore plays a pivotal role in traditional training for reined cow horses, following the snaffle bit. But no matter your discipline you can incorporate a hackamore into your training program.
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Mecate Tie Rope

An integral part of the hackamore, the mecate tie rope served a historic function that lives on today.
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My Collection: Hackamores

Performance horse trainer Steve Metcalf's collection of hackamores, which he uses to train working cow horses and reiners, as well as Western pleasure horses.
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My Collection: Western Gear

Bob Welch's tack collection.
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#RideWithAl: How to Tie a Hackamore

Al Dunning explains the proper way to tie a hackamore
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#RideWithAl: Hackamores

Al Dunning explains different types of hackamores and when to use them.
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