Colic Lessons Learned

The more you know about colic, the better prepared you can be when it strikes. ‘Go to school’ with these real-life stories.
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Vet's Top 10 Mud Tips

Don’t get stuck with a muddy, messy, unhealthy living space for your horse. Learn top tips for mud control from a veterinarian who’s seen it all.
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Think Supplements, Not Shots

Are seasonal skin woes troubling your horse? Consider natural options for safer long-term relief.
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Diarrhea: Is It Serious?

Learn how to tell the difference between loose manure and potentially deadly diarrhea—and how to protect your horse when the condition strikes.
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Horse&Rider Monthly: Volume 10 | Horse Health

From daily-health tips to critical issues, we have the advice to keep your horse feeling his best.
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Don’t Fall Prey to These 4 Horse-Feeding Misconceptions

Let an equine nutritionist clear up these four common horse-feeding misconceptions that horse owners often have.
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The Nose Knows

Does your horse have nasal discharge? Learn what could be causing it and the steps to take to get him back on the road to health.
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Your Fall-Health Checklist

Fall is an ideal time to perform important veterinary, nutrition, forage, and pasture to-dos to help keep your horse healthy and sound. Our fall-health checklist is here to help.
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Fit for Your Ride

Break free of five fitness inhibitors that keep you from being a better rider.
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Handling a Horse Exposed to Disease

If your horse is exposed to disease, take these steps to give him the best chance of staying healthy and to catch any resulting illness at the earliest possible point.
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Pain That Kills

Laminitis is a deadly disease. Find out why—and learn the steps you should take to protect your horse from falling prey to this devastating condition.
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Puncture Wounds in the Foot

Your horse’s feet are vulnerable to whatever may be on the ground, and a puncture wound can be deadly.
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Keep Your Horse Safe from Infection With Biosecurity Measures

Modern biosecurity methods will help keep your horse safe from infection at home or on the road.
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Horse Blindness Solutions

Find horse blindness solutions and learn to care for him in a way that keeps him safe from injury and happy to be alive.
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Parasite Patrol

Fecal tests for parasite eggs have become a crucial part of any effective deworming program. Here’s how to ensure that those tests are accurate and meaningful.
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