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Happy Hooves Make For Happy Trail Riding

Horses who spend a majority of their time out on the trail need a little extra hoof care TLC to ensure their hooves stay happy.
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Healthy, Strong Hooves

Hoof problems? Review basic management strategies first, then consider the additional help your horse’s feet may need.
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Why Hoof Cracks Happen

A hoof crack’s ability to lay your horse up depends on several things including what caused it, its location on the hoof, and its depth—deep cracks can expose the sensitive laminae under the hoof wall, and cause infection and significant pain.
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Fear of Farriers? Five Tips for a Cooperative Horse

If shoeing your steed is more ordeal than ordinary, here are some helpful suggestions.
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Ask a Pro Q2: Hoof Packing

With varying opinions out there, we decide to chat with our featured professional, farrier Mitch Taylor, to learn his thoughts and ask whether he could provide some insight on hoof packing protocols.
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Ask a Pro, Q1: A Farrier Set Up

How to be Set Up for Success with your Farrier
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Ask a Pro: Mitch Taylor

We asked our featured farrier, Mitch Taylor of the Kentucky Farrier School, what his thoughts were on several health care topics.
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Seven Worst Mistakes in Equine Hoof Care

Take aim against seven common hoof-care mistakes that can put your horse’s health and soundness at risk.
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Hoof Care Makes the Horse

Use my tips for hoof care and trail-prep tips for a safe, fun trail ride.
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What My Horse Wears on His Feet

Shoes? Boots? Barefoot? You tell us what keeps your horse most comfortable.
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Best Shoeing Method for Low Heels?

A fix for underrun heels depends on the horse’s unique circumstances and the skill of the farrier.
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Leg Guards

Biting Flies = Lost Shoe?

The Added Benefits of Fly Protection for your Horse’s Legs
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Strategies for 'Going Bare'

Making the transition from shod to barefoot is about to get easier, especially for the toughest cases.
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Hoof Boots Hit the Trail

Hoof boots look funky. Hoof boots muffle the age-old sound of hoofbeats on the trail. Most cost more than 10 times the cost of a pair of steel horseshoes. Yet horse owners are booting up their horses and hitting the trail to experiment with temporary hoof protection for trail riding.
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