Five Ways to Keep Joints Happy and Healthy

This Five Tips for Healthy and Happy Joint Care infographic is part of our Joint and Hoof Health Awareness Month brought to you by Cosequin Joint Health Supplements.

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Do you know the best thing you can do with an older horse who has arthritic joints? Or maybe ways you can manage a young horse’s joints to keep him sound as he ages? Here are five quick things to keep in mind to keep your horse’s joints happy and healthy.

Learn five ways to keep your horse's joints happy and healthy with this infographic.
This infographic shows you five ways you can keep joints happy and healthy as your horse ages.

Test your joint and hoof health knowledge by taking our quiz!

Can you answer this trivia question?

What should you look for when shopping for a joint supplement to keep joints happy and healthy?

a. A supplement that addresses inflammation. 

b. A supplement that increases mobility. 

c. A supplement that provides joint lubrication. 

d. All of the above. 

Learn the answer here.

Learn More about Joint and Hoof Health Month Here:

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