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Ride Strong: Return to Exercise Slowly

If you’ve been turned out to pasture for a while, as the result of injury or just a busy life, return to exercise in a safe and steady way.
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You might be comfortable doing different maneuvers when you have your feet in your stirrups, but what happens when you kick your feet out of them and ride stirrupless?

Stepping Up Your No-Stirrup Game

Need more of a challenge? Change up your stirrupless riding drills with advice from Western fitness expert Kelly Altschwager.
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How Stirrupless Riding Improves Feel

Kick those feet out of your stirrups this November and see how stirrupless riding can help you become a stronger rider.
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Straining vs. Strengthening: Are You Hurting or Helping Your Body?

If you’re constantly in the barn, chances are you’ve dealt with a few aches and pains by the end of the night. Fitness and nutrition expert Kelly Altschwager explains the importance of strengthening your body to complete all your barn chores pain free and avoid having any injuries in the process.
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Prepare for All-Day Trail Rides

Nutritionist and fitness expert Kelly Altschwager shows you how to prepare your body for long days in the saddle and how to stay fueled for your ride the day of.
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Lower-Body Resistance-Band Workout for Riders

All you need for this lower-body workout is a resistance band.
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Post-Ride Stretching for Riders

Are you stretching after you ride?
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Bodyweight Cardio Workout for Riders

Does your New Year’s Resolution include getting in shape for spring riding? We can help.
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Lower-Body Dumbbell Workout for Riders

Use this lower-body dumbbell workout to help gain strength in the saddle.
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Upper-Body Resistance-Band Workout For Riders

The stronger you are outside of the saddle the stronger you’ll be in the saddle. Here’s this week’s workout routine.
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Lower Bodyweight Workout

If you’re spending less time in the saddle this winter, check out this lower bodyweight workout routine to stay fit for your ride.
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Pre-Ride Stretching

Are you stretching before you ride? Kelly Altschwager explains the importance of stretching before swinging your leg over the saddle.
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E24: The Ride - Kelly Altschwager

In this episode of The Ride we chat with fitness expert and fellow equestrian Kelly Altschwager of Western Workouts.
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