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Is Your Horse Hurting?

How do you know if your horse is hurting? This tool can shed light on if your horse is in pain or discomfort, and how you can help.
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Be sure your next trail horse is sound enough for his job with these tips.
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What is Hock Fusion?

Hock fusion is common in performance horses, but what can you do to help prevent and treat hock fusion in your horse?
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Troubleshoot Lameness

Lame Horse? Here’s how to troubleshoot the problem and prepare for the vet if you have a lame horse on your hands.
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Avila's Show-Horse Maintenance

Are you doing right by your horse to ensure longevity in his showing career? Take this show-horse maintenance quiz to find out.
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A Poulticing Primer

Abscess, heat or swelling? This time-tested method addresses the pain in new and improved ways.
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Keep Your All-Around Mount Sound

Once you find the perfect all-around mount, you'll want to keep him sound. Use these tips from our experts.
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