Speed Transitions


Reining to Ranch Riding: Speed Transitions

Watch as Bud Lyon performs speed transitions for ranch riding on a reining horse.
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Working With a New Horse: Evaluating Speed Transitions

Continue to evaluate your new horse’s maneuvers with the help of Bud Lyon.
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Speed Control for Ranch Riding

Bud Lyon breaks down speed control for ranch riding.
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Hands-Free Slowdown

Use this straight-line-to-circle exercise to plus-point your reinerʼs fast-to-slow speed transitions. World champion trainer Clint Haverty shows you how.
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Speed Transitions for Pattern Events

Master speed transitions for reining.
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Downward Lope Transitions

Many amateur and youth riders struggle with slowing from a lope to a jog or walk, especially in the show pen when their nerves can get the best of them. A rushed transition always looks sloppy and costs you points on your scorecard. I’m going to share with you a simple method for acing your downward lope transitions every time. You can practice at home to master it, then put it to use in the show pen. Soon it’ll become second nature.
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Ace Speed Transitions

Don’t let an increase or decrease in speed at the lope put you in the penalty box. Learn how to prepare your horse for speed transitions at home so you can show mastery of them when it counts.
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