3 Wound Care Products You Should Have

Do you have these 3 kinds of wound care products in your barn? Well, you should!
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Protection from Summer Flies

With the warm summer days comes the dreaded fly season. Guard your horse against the irritating, disease-carrying pests with our tips and tricks.
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Pamper Your Horse With a ‘Spa Day’

Do horses like baths? It depends. If the procedure is hurried and stressful, with unpleasant squirts of water and harsh chemicals, probably not.
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A Fresh Barn Makes a Happy, Healthy Horse

It’s time to pick up the cleaning utensils and head to the barn. Cleaning your barn out now will protect your horse’s health in the future.
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Trivia Challenge: Do You Know These Pampering Tips?

Answer the questions, then check at bottom for the key. For more great information about horses, read H&R’s ‘The Ride’ newsletter. (Not getting it? Sign up below—it’s free!)
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Pamper with a Pedicure: Keeping Healthy Hooves

While you have your horse on a schedule for farrier visits, there are still other things you can do to help maintain your horse’s healthy feet between trimmings.
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