Trail Safety

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Be Aware on the Trail for Safety

Awareness in these five areas will keep you and your horse safe on the trail.
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Trail Riding Emergencies

Learn how to lessen the risk of experiencing trail riding emergencies and steps to take should your horse become injured despite your best efforts.
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Alone on the Trail

Teach your trail horse to step out confidently on his own, trusting you to be his herd leader.
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Fall: The Best Trail Riding Season promo image

Fall: The Best Trail Riding Season

Fall is the best time of the year to enjoy trail rides. Horses are spirited on trail rides, their riders energetic, the trails more inviting than ever. But trail riding during this beautiful season of the year presents some challenges for the trail rider.
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Saddled with Fear

In this exclusive report, a lifelong horsewoman opens up about several painful falls and how she conquered her fear of riding to get back in the saddle. Plus: Twelve steps to overcome your own riding fears.
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Trail-Riding Safety Tips

Follow these trail-riding safety tips, whether you ride your horse during the day or decide to go night riding.
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7 Steps to a Safe Spring Ride promo image

7 Steps to a Safe Spring Ride

Spring can be a wonderful time to trail ride, but it’s important to practice trail-riding safety throughout the year.
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Trail Tips: Trail Etiquette and Leading promo image

Trail Tips: Trail Etiquette and Leading

These Trail Tips will show you the proper etiquette when riding in a group and the best way to lead your bridled horse on the ground.
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7 Winter Trail-Riding Hazards

Cold, snowy days don't keep you off the trail. Put safety first with these expert tips on negotiating winter trail hazards.
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Group Ride Tips

Learn some tips and information on how to make your group trail ride enjoyable.
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Safety on the Trail

Trail riding requires that the rider practice a degree of safety, but as the author found out, young people and horses are often unpredictable and will forgo safety equipment for the thrill.
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Spring-Footing Tips

This spring, you and your horse may be the first to trudge through neglected trails, it may be difficult to guess what your footing will be like. Surfaces that appear hard and dry may mask gripping, sticky mud. New grass may not have deep roots to keep gr
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Urban Horseback Riders

The most notorious Urban Riders I've ever known were two of my daughter's friends, Anna and Andrea. For this pair, the city offered a multitude of trail-riding opportunities
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