Trail Tips & Safety


Turn Back for Safety

Learn when it’s time to turn around on the trail and how to remain your horse’s “herd leader” in challenging situations.
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Boost Your Wildlife Savvy

Keep yourself and your horse safe when you cross paths with wildlife on the trail.
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Hot-Weather Trail Hazards

Learn how to avoid four hot-weather trail hazards, and what to do should a heat-related emergency arise.
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Smart Trail-Ride Prep

Clinician Steve Stevens offers six checkpoints to test before you embark on any trail ride.
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Julie Goodnight's Tips to Take Charge

Here’s how to take charge of your horse and build a better, more responsive trail partner for safety and control.
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Barn-Bored to Trail-Ready

Get your mount in shape for trail rides this season.
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‘Now’ Exercise Makes Safety a Habit

Practice the one-rein stop this way to maximize its effectiveness—and your safety.
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Curing a Stumbler

Is your horse a stumblebum? If so, here’s what you need to know to address this behavior.
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Clinton Anderson: Stop a Stumbler

Clinton Anderson explains how to stop a stumbling horse.
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Avoid 7 Types of Trail Riding Problems promo image

Avoid 7 Types of Trail Riding Problems

Learn how to avoid seven problematic situations on trail rides--and how to get out of them as safely as possible if they do catch you by surprise.
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