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Destination Addiction

There’s a common misconception among horses and humans that what we want lies somewhere else. It’s why horses graze on the other side of a fence when the grass is just as green and lush on their side. And why humans long for something—tangible or not—that we don’t have.
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Forging a New Trail promo image

Forging a New Trail

When an injury retired Peponitas Top Gunner from the show pen, he seamlessly transitioned into competitive trail riding.
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Hit the Competitive Trail! promo image

Hit the Competitive Trail!

Saddle up for a North American Trail Ride Conference event designed to promote horsemanship and horse care.
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Bend at the Walk promo image

Bend at the Walk

Use this exercise from top trainer/clinician Clinton Anderson to teach your horse to bend through his entire body and become softer in his mouth.
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Vet Prep promo image

Vet Prep

Prepare your horse for the veterinarian with these strategies from noted clinician Julie Goodnight.
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Lead-Rope Lesson promo image

Lead-Rope Lesson

Teach your horse to be calm, focused, responsive, and obedient with these ground-work exercises from top trainer/clinician Clinton Anderson.
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Earn Your Horse’s Respect promo image

Earn Your Horse’s Respect

“To earn your horse’s respect and trust, you need to make him comfortable for doing the right thing and uncomfortable for doing the wrong thing,” says top trainer/clinician Clinton Anderson. Read on for training tips.
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Rider on a horse on the beach during a sunset.

Best Beach Horseback Riding Tips

Learn how to ride safely on the beach with endurance champion Lari Shea, owner of California’s Ricochet Ridge Ranch.
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Canter into Bliss promo image

Canter into Bliss

Saddle up — and roll out your mats — for Julie Goodnight’s yoga and riding retreat set in the rustic elegance of Colorado’s C Lazy U Ranch.
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Get the Right Gait

Learn how to get the right trail gait for safety and control with top trainer/clinician Julie Goodnight.
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3-Step Balking Fix promo image

3-Step Balking Fix

Train your horse to cross any obstacle with this three-step fix from top trainer/clinician Julie Goodnight.
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Banish the Buck promo image

Banish the Buck

Does your horse balk and buck when he doesn’t want to work? Fix this vice with clinician Julie Goodnight’s expert advice.
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half halt weekly tip

Half-Halt Help

Having trouble getting your horse to collect himself in preparation for a flying lead change? Borrow a tip from the English disciplines and try a half-halt.
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Helicopter Exercise

Teach your horse to accept movement and noise above him with this exercise from top clinician Clinton Anderson.
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Roundtable: Gaited-Horse Clinicians

Read on for what six top gaited-horse clinicians have learned from training smooth-gaited horses.
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