Veterinary Care


Your Horse's Lumps & Bumps

If your horse has a blemish or swelling, should you call the vet? Arm yourself with information to make the right choice.
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Keeping Worms at Bay

Today’s deworming strategies target horses’ specific parasite loads while minimizing the development of dewormer resistance.
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How Does Twitching Affect Horses?

Lip twitching has legitimate uses, but ear twitching is detrimental and should be avoided.
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To Breed or Not To Breed?

Learn the crucial questions you should answer before deciding to breed your mare.
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Questions NOT to Ask Online

Which questions should you avoid asking of your online horse community? Here are three common queries to steer clear from, plus some general help-seeking advice.
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What Causes a Swayed Back?

A reader wonders how swayed backs happen and how they affect horses.
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No More Bucking!

Horses buck for various reasons. Here are solutions to help fix the problem, whatever the cause.
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The School of Odd Vet Cases

Think you’ve seen it all? Just wait until you hear about the unusual things I’ve encountered in my equine veterinary practice—and what you can learn from them.
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Homemade First-Aid Recipes for Your Horse promo image

Homemade First-Aid Recipes for Your Horse

Homemade recipes for common horse care first-aid solutions.
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Learn Which of Your Horse's Legs Is Lame promo image

Learn Which of Your Horse's Legs Is Lame

In most cases, pinpointing lameness in your horse's legs isn't difficult if you follow these steps.
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