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Improve Your Trail Horse’s Behavior

Is your trail horse’s behavior problematic? Try Warwick Schiller’s “50-foot trail ride” exercise to improve a variety of difficulties.
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Warwick Schiller Reaches for the Next Level in Effective, Humane Horse Training

In an exclusive H&R interview, learn why clinician Warwick Schiller’s horse-training methods have evolved toward more horse-centric approaches.
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E21: The Ride - Warwick Schiller

This episode of The Ride brings you an interview with Australian clinician and reiner Warwick Schiller.
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Keep Your Senior Performance Horse at His Best

Your veteran show horse deserves a little pampering. Here’s what a senior performance horse needs to keep competing in top form.
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New, Better Way to Saddle a Nervous Horse

When you’re saddling a nervous horse, use mindful pauses to give him a chance to change his focus and accept the process willingly.
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A Better One-Rein Stop

My bend-to-a-stop is a way to bring a horse under control without causing an awkward, unbalanced stop.
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Boost Self-Carriage

Is riding your horse like peddling a bike uphill? Use self-carriage to improve your horse.
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Refocus Your Distracted Horse

You can’t predict the future, but you can be prepared to bring your horse back to attention. Learn to refocus your horse after a distraction.
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Overbridled Horse

Is your horse over-flexed through his neck? This leg-yield zigzag will correct that overbridling.
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How to Improve Your Horse’s Lazy Backup

Unhappy with your horse’s lazy backup? Activate his hind end to solve this frustrating problem.
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Slow Down a Fast Lope

Is your problem a horse that lopes too fast? Learn why he does it and how you can slow down a fast lope.
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