Western Horse Training Tips


4 Steps to Fix Head Tossing

End head-tossing on the trail—and at home—with advice from clinician Steve Stevens.
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Teaching the Neck Rein

Level up your trail ride with FIVE exercises that teach your horse to neck rein.
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Round Pen 101

Use round pen training to teach your young horse to be responsive, submissive, and patient with this round pen lesson from Clint Haverty.
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Comes A Horseman

California’s Benny Guitron learned the ropes in ‘the old school,’ and it’s shaped every facet of his being.
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How to Fix Rider Errors

Learn how to dodge 6 common training pitfalls with these tips.
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The Three Rein Positions

Do you know the difference between the direct, indirect, and supporting reins? Learn about them to isolate each of your horse’s four corners.
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