Will And Elizabeth Knabenshue

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Trotting Arcs in Trail

Once you can go over trail poles in a straight line, up the degree of difficulty with arcs.
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Loping a Four-Leaf Clover Pattern

Lope a four-leaf clover pattern with your horse to test your guiding ability.
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Here's Why You're Hitting Trail Poles

Does your horse hit the poles when you're going over them? Here's why it's happening.
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Trotting a Four-Leaf Clover Pattern

Use this four-leaf clover pattern to improve your steering ability and practice going over trail obstacles.
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Increasing Difficulty for Lopeover Poles

Raise your trail poles to increase difficulty in your lopeovers.
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Setting Up Lopeover Trail Poles

Will and Elizabeth Knabenshue show you the steps you need to take to set up lopeover trail poles.
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Adjusting Trail Poles for Two-Stride Trotovers

Will and Elizabeth Knabeshue show you how to set your trail poles if you want to create two-strided trotovers.
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Increasing Difficulty for Trotover Poles

Learn how to up the degree of difficulty when you're trotting over poles.
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Chipping a Trail Pole

Find out what chipping a pole in a trail class means and why a horse does it.
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Increasing Difficulty for Walkover Poles

Here's how to increase the difficulty when going over walkover poles in a trail class.
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Style Going Over Walkover Poles

Learn about different styles you might see when you're watching a trail class and find out which one is best for you.
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Riding Over Trail Walkover Poles

Once you know how to set up your trail walkover poles, teach your horse how to properly walk over them.
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Setting Up Your Trail Walkover Poles

Learn how to properly set up your trail poles for walkovers.
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posture tip

Horsemanship Position: Upper-Body Pointers

The difference between first and second place in horsemanship classes lies in the details of your horsemanship position. Keeping these small details top of mind every time you ride means they’ll become second nature in the saddle.
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