Youth Horsemanship

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Horse&Rider Monthly: Volume 26 | Youth 

Calling all youth! See why you should put on your boots and saddle up.
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3 Tips to Instantly Boost Your Horsemanship Score

Use these tips to increase your overall horsemanship score from the average 70 next time you compete in the class.
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3 Tips to Instantly Boost Your Score

The horsemanship class is a dynamic and technical class that in the end, comes down to who has the highest score on the judge's scorecard. You start with an even 70 — and it’s up to you to increase that number.
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Keeping It Simple

Don’t overcomplicate kids’ first lessons.
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When Investing in ‘the Horse Thing’ for Your Child Feels Like a Gift to Yourself

Yes, horses are expensive and time consuming. But what they do for your kid also benefits you—bigtime.
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Horse&Rider Monthly: Volume 5 | Youth Riders

Whether your child is just getting involved with horses or he or she is an experienced showman, there’s always more to learn.
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Fostering a Passion

New to Horse&Rider is Raising Riders, we’ll explore how horsemen and-women have introduced children to the horse world. In our first installment, National Finals Rodeo barrel racer Shali Lord discusses how she and her husband have developed a love for horses in their two children, Slade, 8, and Stealy, 3.
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4 Ways Parents are Hurting Their Kids' Horsemanship and Don't Even Know It

These are four common mistakes I've seen parents or coaches making with their kids' tack and gear that are doing a disservice to their kids' horsemanship.
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Why Kids Should Ride

In today’s world, horses may be one of the best tools ever for fostering healthy, well-adjusted children.
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