Horses We’d Like to Own: Blue Hayes Raven

If you’ve been on the horse side of social media pages, you’ve probably run across Emmie Sperandeo, known on social channels as SteadyRein. Emmie has a string of eye-catching horses (and a bison), but Raven was the first horse she acquired after living on the road.

Photo by Wes Walker. Courtesy of Emmie Sperandeo.

Meant To Be

Emmie first met Raven when working on a ranch in Idaho. She was drawn to the horse, and began working with her, bringing her along in her training. Emmie recalls that Raven wasn’t always easy to work with, but was “sweet and challenging and smart, and I loved watching her improve.”

As the bond grew between the two, Emmie knew that she wanted to buy Raven for herself. Although, it wasn’t an immediate yes. “Somehow, I convinced the owners to let me buy her after they said no for months. I was so happy that they changed their mind.”

Photo by Wes Walker. Courtesy of Emmie Sperandeo.

Smarts and Stamina

Raven isn’t a small mare by any means and is built to work all day. Emmie notes that “She never gets tired and has an excellent build. She’s my go-to when I’m working long days, especially solo, long days.” And the pair have certainly worked their fair share of solo, long days.

Emmie uses Raven for all aspects of ranch work, trail riding, and in the winter the pair compete in skijoring. Skijoring is a winter sport where a skier is pulled behind a running horse through a specified course that includes jumps, and other obstacles. Raven’s long legs, speed, grit, and stamina make her a great horse for skijoring.

A Good Horse to Have

We all know how valuable a hard-working and trusted horse is, and Raven has been that for Emmie. Raven has assumed the role of “mom” to Emmie’s two geldings, and according to Emmie, “keeps everyone in line.” This big, roan mare is a testament to her Hancock bloodlines, by being smart, hardworking, and the kind of horse that can work all day.

Photo by Wes Walker. Courtesy of Emmie Sperandeo.

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