My Collection: Custom Belt Buckles

Ryan and Annie Kennedy share their custom belt buckles.

Michaela Jaycox

The Collectors

Ryan and Annie Kennedy, Mead, Colorado

The Collection

When Ryan and Annie Kennedy got married three years ago, they had no idea that their wedding gifts to each other would be custom belt buckles designed to honor their special day. The one on the left, designed by Molly’s Custom Silver, was Annie’s gift, while the one on the right, designed by Montana Silversmiths, was Ryan’s gift.

“I was at a loss as to what to get Ryan for our wedding. He doesn’t wear cufflinks, a watch wouldn’t last a day on his wrist, and if he needs anything, he gets it himself,” Annie shares. “He has a few buckles and I thought it might be special to have a buckle to remember one of the best days of our lives.”

Ryan agreed and was excited to give Annie her buckle after years of wanting her own. “Annie comes from the English side of riding and she always wanted to win a belt buckle, so knew I wanted to give her one on our wedding day.”

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