My Collection: Show Pads

Robin Frid's collection of colorful show pads.

Abigail Boatwright

The Collector:

Robin Frid, Denton, Texas

The Collection:

The quality in craftsmanship and the vibrant color combinations are what originally caught Robin Frid’s eye when he purchased his first Golden West saddle blanket. Fast-forward 20 years, and Frid now has more than 50 of the rainbow-hued show blankets in his care—all custom-made to showcase a horse and rider’s individual style when they’re in the show pen.

There’s one show blanket that stands out among the rest. The fourth blanket from the left, on the bottom row, holds special significance to Frid because it was the show blanket he used when Quarter Horse stallion Investing Wisely recorded a 230.5 in junior Western riding—a benchmark that stood for 15 years as the highest score earned in that event at the American Quarter Horse Association World Show.

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