Trivia Challenge: Do You Know What Fencing Tools to Use?

We've been bringing you all the information you could need to conquer that fencing project. Try your hand at this trivia challenge to see what you've learned!

This article is part of our Fencing Awareness Month brought to you by Bekaert.

Try your hand at this trivia challenge, and then check your answers below!

1: What tool is specifically designed for creating holes in the ground that are shaped for fence posts?

2: Which tool is essential for compacting the soil around fence posts to ensure stability?

3: What tool, often with a combination of cutting, twisting, gripping, and splicing functions, is specialized for working with fencing materials?

4: Which tool, with a flat, squared blade, is useful for starting a post hole, and shaping and refining the edges of holes for fence posts?

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  1. Answer 1: Fence Post Digger (or Post Hole Digger)
  2. Answer 2: Tamping Bar (or Tamper)
  3. Answer 3: Fence Pliers
  4. Answer 4: Spade

[Fencing Toolbox Essentials Part 1]

[Fencing Toolbox Essentials Part 2]

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