Bud Lyon’s Most Popular Training Videos

Bud Lyon has experienced great success at all levels in his horse-showing career, from youth to open. Along with training open horses, he takes pride in coaching amateur and youth riders to achieve their goals. His coaching and communication abilities make him a sought-after clinician and trainer for his areas of focus—reining and ranch riding. We’ve put together Bud’s most popular videos so you can learn from him and practice at home.

1. Introduction to Ranch Riding: Flying Lead Change

A major step for working with a rider who is new to the ranch riding is the lead change. Bud Lyon discusses when to use a flying lead change and shows a new rider how to cue for a flying lead change.

Listen to More: Bud Lyon Talks Movement in the Ranch Riding

2. Softening a Stiff Horse

Whether you prefer to be in the show pen or out on the trails, having a horse who stays soft in his body makes your ride more enjoyable. In this exercise, Bud Lyon works with a horse he considers stiff and shows you the warm-up drills he likes to include in his ride to help a horse soften.

3. Tack for Ranch Riding

Ranch riding tack is all about staying true to the class’ roots. Here are Bud’s preferences.

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4. A Drill to Build the Foundation

Bud Lyon demonstrates a foundation drill. He also discusses how to use your hand, leg, and voice to keep your horse listening through the transitions. He also explains the concept of “inviting the mistake” during training.

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