Love to Own: Flos Heiress

Our July 2015 Love to Own horse, Flos Heiress, is the AQHA Barrel Horse of the Year and 2014 WNFR Champion. Watch Babyflo’s run at the 2014 Calgary Stampede where she and rider Fallon Taylor won round 1.

Details: 2006 AQHA mare by Dr Nick Bar and out of Flowers And Money, by On The Money.

Barn name: Babyflo. 

Owned and ridden by: Fallon Taylor of Collinsville, Texas. 

A slow start: “She was the slowest to watch run across the pasture,” the 2014 Wrangler National Finals World Champion Barrel Racer recalls. She was started by an outside trainer who deemed her dangerous. “He called her ‘Scarface’ because she flipped over once and now has scarring on her face. He told us, ‘Whatever you do, don’t ride her.’ When I heard that, she was the one I wanted to train. A gritty horse that’s hard to train is my thing.”

Baby’s got quirks: Taylor laughs, “She has a thousand quirks. She’s scared of her shadow; concrete, especially wet concrete; manholes; the sound of her feet on concrete.” And the list goes on. “I like quirky horses and immediately connected with her. She’s like her mother who was a bit of a pill and tough to train.”

The love of the ride: Atop Babyflo, Taylor’s usually all smiles. She explains, “I used to feel I wasn’t doing her justice when I was running her, so when I get it right, I beam. And it shows people how amazing she is.”

Cinderella story: “The (WNFR) world title is obviously a really big deal,” Taylor shares. “But for my family and me, her winning the AQHA Barrel Horse of the Year award is an accomplishment.”

Mama in the making: “We’re raising phenomenal babies out of her,” Taylor boasts. “My goal is to make it back to the WNFR and do well with her. As she shows others how talented she is, people will continue to be inspired by her underdog story.”

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