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Ranch classes are the fastest-growing in the arena. Get advice for ranch riding, ranch trail, and all other ranch events for stock horses.

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Ranch Riding Square Corners

Executing a square corner in a ranch riding pattern requires a different kind of finesse than a regular horsemanship pattern. Learn the nuances here.
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A Ranch Riding ‘Adventure’

Have you ever forgotten your pattern in the middle of a go? It happens to the pros, too.
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Ride Smart!

A world champion shares her core horse-training secrets. An H&R exclusive adapted from Sandy Collier’s book, Reining Essentials: How to Excel in Western’s Hottest Sport—and have a better-broke horse.
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Trail Riding at Fort Valley Ranch, Virginia promo image

Trail Riding at Fort Valley Ranch, Virginia

Just 90 minutes from the Washington, D.C., metroplex, Fort Valley Ranch offers a civilized adventure in the scenic Blue Ridge Mountains.
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Video: Team Penning Explained promo image

Video: Team Penning Explained

Looking for a team-oriented cattle sport to try? The popular event of team penning might be just your thing. Check out an event here.
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Versatility Ranch Horse Competition promo image

Versatility Ranch Horse Competition

Learn more about NVRHA competition in this video overview.
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Trail Riding at Gotno Morgan Guest Ranch, Florence, Arizona

We were headed for the Gotno Morgan Guest Ranch in Florence, Arizona, for a trail ride with our horses, approximately 65 miles northwest of Tucson and 68 miles southeast of Phoenix, on U.S. Highway 79. Turn east on the Florence-Kelvin Highway, drive six m
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Trail Riding at Triangle C Ranch

Calendar-like photography surrounds Triangle C Ranch. Within view are the Pinnacle Mountains and Absaroka Range; the pristine Wind River flows through the ranch. The comfortable log lodge is welcoming in both its d?cor and majestic mountain views.
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Trail Riding at Smoke Rise Ranch, Glouster, Ohio

Last October, the Southwestern Ohio Spotted Saddle Horse Association participated in the Best of America by Horseback trail ride at Smoke Rise Ranch in Glouster, Ohio.
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