$100K Worth of Boots!

By Jennifer Paulson, Managing Editor

The Tony Lama San Saba Tri-Tone Turquoise Lizard boots are a great choice, winner or not.

It’s a noted fact around here that I love boots. I was lucky enough to write the November feature highlighting the latest from Western boot companies in all categories. You can find a click-and-buy slideshow of the styles here.

Conservative leather with plain tops; out-there snakeskin with inset peace signs and floral embroidery; high-fashion, distressed, embroidered boots with snip toes. And my boot love isn’t loyal only to Western styles?motorcycle, hiking, English riding, and stiletto styles also grace my closet.

Even when I’m not in the buying market, boot shopping is a favorite pastime. I admit a lot of that browsing is done online, but there’s something about visiting a Western store, taking in the eye-candy array of boots offered, and trying them on. And now, there’s even more motivation to get out to an actual store.

Starting tomorrow, boot-browsers aged 21 and older can go to participating Western retailers to get a URL to enter the Tony Lama Boots Money Talks Sweepstakes. The winner gets a trip to Fort Worth to pick up their pair of Tony Lama boots and play the Money Talks game for a chance to win up to $100,000.

No one says you have to spend the hundred grand on boots if you win, but it sure would be tempting, because you’ll be right there at the Tony Lama headquarters!

For more on Tony Lama boots and the contest, click here.

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