2011 Contest Winner Update

Denice and Cisco show off their new duds from Cruel Girl and Weaver Leather.

H&R’s Julie Preble caught up with Denice Kinney to see how she and Cisco have been since winning the first annual Your Horse, Your Life contest in 2011.

H&R: How have you and Cisco been since we last talked to you?

Denice: We’ve been doing great. He’s just a sweetheart as usual. There’s no better feeling than pulling in the drive after a long day of work and seeing him standing there waiting for you. He’s a sweetheart.

H&R: What has he been up to these days?

Denice: Well, since it’s been so hot, he’s just been taking it easy in the barn, with the fan on him. He’s got it pretty made right now.

H&R: How was your shopping spree from Miller Internationaland tack package fromWeaver Leather?

Denice: It was awesome! Audrey Kinney, with Weaver, and Lisa Doyle, with Cruel Girl were so accommodating. Lisa allowed me to get some things at the Western store I normally shop at, and I ordered things online. It was so much fun!

H&R: We Western fashionistas are curious, what all did you get?

Denice: Well, I got a lot of jeans and a lot of the new short-sleeve shirts and some of the long-sleeve shirts. I got a lightweight jacket and a vest. I also shared some of the clothing with my sister.

H&R: Will you be entering this year’s contest?

Denice: No, I won’t. But I’m anxious to see all the other entrants and read their stories.

Check back next week to see Denice’s tips for rallying votes! She’ll also share more about her experience with modeling in a photo shoot and having an article in H&R.

For this year’s contest, we’re ready to share some laughs. Tell us the funniest thing your horse has ever done for your chance to win big! Enter here.

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