A Little Entertainment for Your Tuesday

This weekend, I got to compete for myself (as opposed to last weekend, when I went to watch Shara compete, and the weekend before when I went to Cheyenne). It was a blast, and Miss Casady worked great. I’d love to show you all the video, not because it was a good run, but because of the videography leading up to the run itself. 

Back story: I was running Casady 30th and Naughty 43rd. That meant they both had to be nice and warmed up, and Naughty needed to be down by the arena so I could easily switch horses after I ran Cas. Boyfriend Corey, who is my horse-show assistant/farrier/videographer, was responsible for getting Naughty to the arena as well as filming my run. Being the clever guy that he is, he squeezed his 6 foot 3 inches frame into my 14 inch barrel saddle and tried sitting on Naughty by the arena gate while I ran Casady. The following video is the result of his idea. 

Warning: If you get nauseous easily, maybe don’t watch this!

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